Welcome to CS 1230!

Welcome to CS 1230, the longest-running computer graphics course in the known universe!

This course offers an in-depth exploration of fundamental concepts in 2D and 3D computer graphics. It introduces 2D raster graphics techniques (image creation/manipulation/filtering), as well as 3D modeling, viewing, and rendering (using both raytracing and real-time rendering on the GPU). Along the way, you'll learn to program in C++ and the shading language GLSL, and learn to use the OpenGL library. The course culminates in an open-ended group final project in which you and your teammates use the skills you've learned throughout the semester to make some cool visual effects.

Check out the course missive for more information on prerequisites, assignments, workload, etc.


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CS 1230 was built by the following lovely people:

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Daniel Ritchie®


Has an Erdős number of 4, a Bacon number of 3, and (debatably) an Erdős-Bacon number of 7.

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Believes that there's more to explore here, but has never found the time.

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Loves playing piano, chilling with BRGD, and yoyo-ing!

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Adrian Chang®


Is a senior in computer science. Likes fluid simulations 🌊.

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Anna Zhao®


Is a senior studying CS, and a co-director for Fusion Dance Co. Very excited to be your TA :)!.

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Derick Toth®


Is an airplane food enthusiast, though it has its ups and downs.

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Helen Huang®


Is a junior from Massachusetts. Favorite uses of graphics: art and video games.

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Is a Master's student in CS. Enjoys playing video games, watching movies, and cooking.

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Marc Mapeke®


Is a senior from NYC in APMA-CS, who's excited to meet y'all and to chat about visual computing!

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Is a junior from NJ studying CS. Favorite use of graphics: movie VFX.

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Has been working on our 2D labs and projects. Has strong opinions about C++.

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Is a casual photographer who's no good at studio lighting. Always ends up Phong-Blinn around.

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Yiwen Chen®


Is a Master's student in her final year. She likes to make pretty things with graphics tools!

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Says she's not a TA, but is most definitely one in our hearts.

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Geoffrey Hazard®


Also says he's not a TA. Fair, given that he's already graduated.

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Ziang Liu®


Likes to build, render, and create spectacular things. Has recently been interested in fluids.